Ethiopia says regional forces withdrawn from Tigray

Ethiopia’s defence forces say members of the Amhara special forces – allies with the federal government during the two-year civil war against fighters from Tigray – have started withdrawing from the Tigrayan city of Shire and its environments.

This comes as Tigrayan fighters earlier in the week began handing over their weapons in line with a peace agreement signed in November in Pretoria to end the brutal war.

Tigrayan forces have been demanding the withdrawal of forces from Amhara and neighbouring Eritrea from the region.

A send-off ceremony was held for the Amhara forces attended by the army’s deputy chief of staff, General Abebaw Tadesse, a statement by the defence forces said.

However, there is still no indication if Eritrean troops will follow.

The withdrawal of Amhara fighters from Shire – one of the biggest cities in the region – is likely to please Tigrayan forces.

However, disputed land in Western Tigray – claimed by both regions and currently under Amhara forces- is expected to continue to be a destabilising factor.

(Source: BBC)

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